I have been fortunate to pastor United Methodist Churches which offered challenges, provided room and openness to life outside the traditional church box, and blessed me with enduring friendships.

Writing this blog stretches me in many ways. I cannot write it alone. I invite you to join me and each other in a community of dialogue. I have often said, “We don’t know which one of us will have the insight or ask the question that all of us need to hear.” Make use of the Comment section and see my contact information below.

The Revised Common Lectionary has proved its worth as a guide to reading and preaching the Bible in Sunday worship. The sponsoring group has also prepared a Daily Lectionary which is coordinated with the three-year cycle of Sunday readings. I plan to provide brief reflections on one of the daily readings, usually accompanied by a prayer. I have also become convinced that our worship is diminished, especially in many Protestant churches, by the absence of artistic expressions of faith; so I plan to provide visual art and poetry – on an occasional basis – to deepen the experience of daily prayer.

John Middleton

Forest Heights UM Church
863 W. Forest Ave.
Jackson, TN 38301


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