Monday, September 26

A Word of Praise
Praise to you Divine Presence.
You laid the foundations of the earth
when the morning stars sang together.
You called forth the first fireball thirteen billion years ago.
May the flame of prayer kindle in each corner of my home
that this place might be sacred for encountering you.

Exodus 18:1-12  

1. The names of Moses’ two sons mean ‘Alien’ and ‘Help.’ The community of Israel and the community of the Church are, by definition, ‘alien’ to every culture, living only by the ‘help’ of God. The community of faith is not “at home” in any cultural context, any more than Moses was at home in Egypt. On the other hand, ‘help’ reminds us that the community of faith is not self-sufficient (needing no help from God) nor abandoned (with no source of assistance in time of need.)

2. Moses give the most basic testimony of faith to Jethro: “God delivered”  and “God led.” These phrases are the expression of a faith that is public, concrete, and political.

3. Jethro is the model for the way in which biblical faith is heard and embraced.. The core activity  of the early church in Acts is telling and hearing.- thus the primary form of evangelism.

This Week’s Prayer