The Daily Lectionary

The Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year table of readings for Sunday worship published in 1992, was received enthusiastically and is now in widespread use.

However, there was no way to relate its readings to existing daily lectionaries. The RCL also omitted, by necessity, a great number of scripture texts.

Those concerns were resolved by the publication of the Revised Common Daily Lectionary in 2005. It contains a three-year set of daily readings that intentionally relate to and support the Sunday readings.

The weekly cycle begins on Thursday with scripture that prepares the people of God to hear with more understanding, the readings to be proclaimed on the approaching Sunday. The cycle continues on Monday through Wednesday with readings that extend and reflect on the theme of the Sunday readings.

Special considerations in preparing this table of daily readings included engaging texts we have not read before, regard for the place of women as well as men in the history of salvation, provision for additional continuity in the narrative, and identifying scriptural testimony to God’s love for the entire world.


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